Helio x27

CPUに関しては、Helio x27だという話だったのですが、ファーストロットの1000台に関してはx25にて製造されたようです。オフィシャルのアナウンスによると、工場の手違いだった、との事。その後のセカンドロット以降に関しては、x27にて製造が行われています。以下、INDIEGOGOの募集ページにて報告されたオフィシャルからの回答です。

X25 - X27

Dear Gemini backers!

We are aware that many of you are keen for information regarding the processor in the first Gemini units. We have now received a clear statement from the factory regarding the processor on the Gemini PCB for the first units ordered.

The factory has confirmed that the Helio X25 processor has been used on the first 1000 Gemini PCBs only. All further PCBs will have the Helio X27 processor. Of course, we told the factory that we do not regard this as acceptable behaviour. The factory has apologized.

All of the Gemini pre-production prototypes that we received by the factory in the past months always contained the X25 chip. We expected the X27 chip only on the production line. Because the two processors are PIN compatible and no firmware change is needed, Planet had no reason to suspect that the units were not X27 as expected.

Our original request was to have the Helio X25 processor on the Gemini and it was the factory that advised us this was to be changed to the Helio X27 processor. It was not at Planet Computer’s request.

We can confirm that everyone that has received or will receive the Gemini with the X25 processor would have backed the project at the point where the specification was for the X25 processor. All backers that have backed the product as an X27 device will receive the Helio X27 board. The chips are very similar and we are yet to measure any performance difference.

We hope that you will be understanding on this issue.

We continue to work to deliver the next units to backers as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Team Gemini


  • 工場がx25を載せちゃったんだ。怒ったら、工場は謝ったよ。
  • 最初の1000台(ファーストロット)にx25が載ってるよ。
  • プロトタイプではx25が載ってたのもあるけど、x27に変わると思ってたよ。
  • まぁウチらは元々x25を載せる予定ではあったんだけどね。工場がx27にしたらどうだ?ってアドバイスくれたんだ。あくまでも工場がね。
  • x25搭載機を受け取った人も、x25が載る予定の時に投資してるから間違いじゃないよ。
  • まぁほとんど同じようなチップだからさ!



We have 3 firmware versions, please be sure you download the right firmware for your device. WiFi-Only Gemini users should download the WiFi-Only firmware. 4G Gemini users using x25 chip (early release Geminis) should download the 4G Gemini x25 firmware. Finally, the Gemini 4G x27 users should download the 4G Gemini x27 firmware. If you are not sure about your Gemini version, just check under Settings -> Wireless & networks. If you see a menu called SIM cards, then you have an x27 Gemini, otherwise you have an x25 Gemini.

  • 3種のファームウェアがあるよ。
  • 自分のCPUがわからない場合は「設定」→「無線とネットワーク」を見てね。SIMカードのセッティングがあればCPUはx27だよ。